Polyhedra Seraph Set Piece Richmond CA The Iron Triangle MMXVII

Holographic Polyhedra Seraph Set Amoeba Music Haight-Ashbury San Francisco MMXVII

Polyhedron Hoplitic Phalanx MMXVI


Double "S" Glyph Graphix MMXV

San Francisco Mission District MMXV

San Francisco SOMA District Between Market & Mission on 6th St. MMXV

East Oakland CA MMXV

Los Angeles CA Koreatown MMXIII
Un Santo Bendito y Martir del Las Catacumbas en Roma, Siglo XVI. West L.A. MMXIV

Koreatown L.A. MMXIII

Mid - City L.A. MMXIII
Mystical Orb Sculpture for a Art House Film MMXI

Mayan Glyph Tribute Mid - City L.A. MMVII

My painting of the letter "H" (above) is my interpretation of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Oxnard MMI

West L.A. MMX

Silver Lake L.A. MMXI - MMXII

3D Royal Biomech Style Downtown L.A. MMII - MMXIII (Strictly Krylons)

1 comment :

  1. I see your still using that style I let wrote your name in for a tribute to me. Thanks for always letting people know where you came up with such an original style like that. Man you played me. I thought we were best friends, boy was I a dumb ass sucker. I guess because I didn't see it coming I deserved it.Bro it literally took me 10 full years of studying platonic solids and geometric shapes to come up with this style that you are still using today to gain fame and clout as such an innovator of graffiti styles.I hope all the success you get from me was worth losing a good friend. You told me you would paint it "ONE" time and tribute it to me. But instead you told people that we developed this together which is a bold faced lie and now I heard you just tell everyone you invented it. I'm no mad anymore I'm just disappointing in you.I truly loved you as if we were best friends but you used that friendship to get me to draw your name. Thank you so much for all the depression you have caused me. I can't even paint that style anymore cause it makes me sick to my stomach. I hope it was worth it. I still love you even though you used me. I've been clean for 2 years now, it was really hard but I did it. I know you will never apologize to me for ripping me off because the fame you get off my style means more to you then brotherhood. I'm happy to see you are finally learning how to make your own shapes now, it's cute like when your son draws a picture and you put it on the fridge to make your son feel god about their cute little painting. You knew at that time you were more famous than me so you used me for my style and your fans believed you because they had never heard of me, that was a great move on your behalf. Maybe next years when I show my new stuff we can be friends again so you can learn my new style and use me for clout all over again. I quit graffiti because of you. I hope that makes you feel like a God that you would ruin what I invented over 10 years of my life. Ohh and also thanks for the 2 attempted suicide attempts I made on myself because of your betrayal, i really thought you were my best friend and I cried for a week when I read a comment of you saying to one of my fans that you invented that style. If you ever wan to talk to me private my email is if not I will take that as a big FUCK YOU ADYOR and in all honestly im sorry for acting crazy i was on drugs, but im clean now. If you give me a second chance it would mean alot to me. God loves you bro.Merry Christmas. I'm doing graphic design now and staying away from graffiti. I wish you the best.