Polyhedra Seraph Set Piece Richmond CA The Iron Triangle MMXVII

Holographic Polyhedra Seraph Set Amoeba Music Haight-Ashbury San Francisco MMXVII

Polyhedron Hoplitic Phalanx MMXVI


Double "S" Glyph Graphix MMXV

San Francisco Mission District MMXV

San Francisco SOMA District Between Market & Mission on 6th St. MMXV

East Oakland CA MMXV

Los Angeles CA Koreatown MMXIII
Un Santo Bendito y Martir del Las Catacumbas en Roma, Siglo XVI. West L.A. MMXIV

Koreatown L.A. MMXIII

Mid - City L.A. MMXIII
Mystical Orb Sculpture for a Art House Film MMXI

Mayan Glyph Tribute Mid - City L.A. MMVII

My painting of the letter "H" (above) is my interpretation of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

Oxnard MMI

West L.A. MMX

Silver Lake L.A. MMXI - MMXII

3D Royal Biomech Style Downtown L.A. MMII - MMXIII (Strictly Krylons)

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